Glastonbury Wool Festival 2015!

We are pleased to announce that the Sheep of Glastonbury will indeed do their annual run again this year.

It will take place on the 22nd of August 2015 starting at 10 am sharp at the top of the High Street in Glastonbury. They will run the length of the High Street to the Market Square where they will be on display in their pen for the duration of the festival. The closing time is 4pm.

The Theme of the festival this year is a celebration of Glastonbury's wool textile history dating from the Iron age. To do this, we will have on site a replica Iron age Loom, drop spindles, and dye materials. The use of these will be demonstrated by local artisans and the public will be able to try their hand at these early techniques.

We are supported again this year by the Shetland Sheep society. The shetland sheep is a close relative of the sheep that roamed our island in those ancient times. We will have historical information available on site on the day - come and take a look.

The Shetland Sheep society and Tor Fleece will have traditional stalls selling "visit Somerset" and "Made in Glastonbury" products to promote our wools and our artisanship. The proceeds from the Tor Fleece products will be donated once again to two charities, one for our local disabled athletes and the other to our farmers who are still displaced from the floods and devastation.

Come for FREE and enjoy the day.

For more information 07951 327754

As part of the festival this year we are asking all those you are able to do so to join in our:


We are hosting a GLASTONBURY WOOL SPREE for the Wool Festival and call on all Glastonbury Area Knitters and Crocheters to make squares and triangles for bunting, scarves for lamp posts, hats for railings and mini-jumpers for posts and bollards. Please make them to your own design and as Glastonbury-esque as you wish.

You can decorate an area on the day, of your choosing yourself or bring them to the festival market square for us. We are grateful for the help.

Yeovil and other communities have been very successful in their yarn bombing of their communities and we can have a wonderful time doing it as well.

For info call or text 07951327754

Come and be part of this amazing event that only the Isle of Avalon can offer!

Always: Buy Wool! Buy the Best! Buy British!