The Glastonbury Wool Festival

The Glastonbury Wool and Alpaca Festival has a wonderful and exciting program in store. We have adjusted our date for 2014 to accommodate recovery from the terrible weather suffered by so many in much of the South West.

The "Where the Flock are we?" section is here

We invite everyone to put the Glastonbury Wool Festival in your diary for SATURDAY, 4th OF OCTOBER, 10am-5pm. Entry is Free!

We will launch with our traditional sheep run at 10 am as usual, but the sheep this year will aid in helping to raise funds for their kindred farm animals by racing each other to the pen in the square. The public will be offered the opportunity to buy a ticket for a donation of 50p and to select their sheeps colour. Each sheep will wear a knitted coloured collar and the winning collar wins. A prize will be given to each ticket holder of that colour.

Our very special event this year is starting NOW; we are inviting everyone across the country to help in our bunting making. We are asking only for squares and triangles made from British wool and/or alpaca to be knitted or crocheted as creatively and festively as you would like. Teams of special-needs youths and enthusiastic members of the project will make them into bunting. From there the buntings will festoon the event and afterwards be made into blankets and afghans to be given to flood victims, or sold and the proceeds donated to assist disaster victims and animal shelters. Click here to download the bunting pattern. PLEASE HELP as so many are in great need.

A dedicated team of people will knit and crochet on the day, so if you are interested in helping, please contact us on 07951 327754.

We invite you to join the official team on the day and have a knit and natter with them while continuing making squares and triangles for blankets to be sold for the relief effort.

In the Market Square there will be other educational interest points; sheep shearing and others wool related skill demonstrations will be on hand for you to experience.

There will also be stallholders selling wonderful representations of British Wool and Alpaca, as well as hand made accessories for working with wool and sheep, fabulous yarns, to hand made goods.

In addition, we are inviting young people and children, starting at 3 years of age, to come and try their hand at giant French Knitting!

We have a large spool and are aiming for a Guinness Book of World Record length of giant French Knitting done in a day. See how much you can do! Learn a skill and take home a real French knitting bobbin and find out how much fun they can be.

Make sure you book your stall space early so you don’t miss out this year! We are want to support the British Fibre industry and ask people to be very creative and try their hand at fibre grown and raised right here on our island. With our farmers so hard it, it is important that we show our support by buying and using their fibre and in so doing helping them to recover.

Come and be part of this amazing event that only the Isle of Avalon can offer!

News update for our 5th year celebration.

Where the flock are we?

The renown Official Glastonbury Wool Festival Flock is on a mission for 2014 leading up to the Wool Festival on the 4th of October!

The Flock has been appearing in several local shops. It is reported to be traveling all over the county and are asking the public to identify the location where they have visited!

The Flock leader, Rambo, has explained to the Wool Festival organisers that many of his fellow sheep have been affected by the storms and flooding earlier this year, as well as other animals, and the Flock feel duty-bound to do their bit alongside their human counterparts.

Every fortnight a photo of the Flock will appear in the local newspaper, on this web site right here and on the festival facebook page. If you can recognize this location telephone in straight away and have your name entered in the draw to win one of the hand knit in all British Wool Sheep, by telephoning in on 07951327754 or email with the correct shop or location of the sheep and you will get a free entry into POT1 of the draw. This pot is for people who are the first callers in this “where the flock are we”? mission.

Or, if you prefer, you can download and print an entry form from here you will have to send in £2.00 along with the form to go in POT2 to 33 Hill Head Close Glastonbury BA6 8AL. Cheques made out to "Glastonbury Wool Festival" please.

Anyone else who would like to enter on the day will go in to POT3, at a cost of £2.50.

All profits go to the charities helping the flood relief in Somerset. We are particularly focused on the farming sector

There are 3 sheep prizes in all, so go on – have a go – it's all for a great cause close to all our hearts!

The shops where the sheep will be hiding will have A4 copy of the photo as it appears here, so that there is proof they are the correct shop. We are asking them for a hosting donations, but this is not obligatory. All Hosts will be revealed at the end.

We are writing a childrens story about all this, and each host is writing a post card about the visit.

Clue to the location of this weeks flock!!! Look very closely at the picture at the bottom of this page...

Be Woolie Wise- the Flock have explained that their Wool is an eco friendly fibre, full of nitrogen and is also a natural fire retardant! It takes 23% oxygen in the air for wool to burn and in a fire there is less than 10%.

Maisie the lamb needs your help to name her brothers and sisters.

If you are under the age of 10 and have your parent's permission, please telephone us on the same number listed here, or email us to name one of the lambs. If your name is chosen you will win a new-born knitted lamb as a prize and have your name printed under the sheep you have named. All entries will be printed in a fortnights time.

Where the flock are we? Where the flock are we?

Always: Buy Wool! Buy the Best! Buy British!