The Glastonbury Wool Festival

From Humble Beginnings to an exciting event in 2014!

News update for our 5th year celebration.

The Glastonbury Wool and Alpaca Festival has changed plans for 2014 due to the terrible weather suffered by so many in so much of the South West, but have a wonderful and exciting program in store.

We are now all set and invite everyone to put the Glastonbury Wool Festival in your diary for SATURDAY, 4th OF OCTOBER, 10am-5pm. Entry is Free!

This is the time of year people are thinking woolly, and holidays and crafters and knitters are planning their winter projects. The weather is usually rather cooperative as well (with any luck and some Glastonbury magic).

We will launch with our traditional sheep run at 10 am as usual but we have a historic surprise in store, one of our 16th century Coaching Inns, the George and Pilgrim, is hosting the sheep to be driven through their old coach entrance and exit as they once did in ages past.

The sheep will then lead the public to the venue for the stallholders, sheep shearing, and demonstrating of wool related skills.

We are holding a challenge to see which sheep makes it into the pen first. They will each have a coloured collar and you can choose which colour you think will win. There will be a prize for the winning colour. Proceeds will go to the charity’s work.

Being Glastonbury, we are used to thinking outside the box. The 2014 Festival will expand its horizons from a British Wool and Alpaca Fibre oriented event to an exposition of the many associated aspects of the British Wool trade, history, textiles, education, literature and art. A special exhibition of historic and vintage British Wool knits and textiles will be on display.

Our very special event this year is starting NOW, we are inviting everyone across the country to help in our bunting making. We are asking only for squares and triangles made from British wool and/or alpaca to be knit or crocheted as creatively and festively as you would like. They will be made into bunting by teams of special-needs youths, enthusiastic members of the project. From there the buntings will festoon the event and afterwards be made into blankets and afghans to be given to flood victims, or sold and the proceeds donated to assist disaster victims and animal shelters. Click here to download the bunting pattern..

We will host a team of people who will knit and crochet on the day so if you are interested please contact us on 07951 327754.

In addition, we are inviting girls and boys in age categories ages 6-10 and 10-16 who wish to come along with their parents, and with their parents permission, to dress in costume as shepherds and shepherdesses. There will be prizes given for the most authentic and best presented costumes and all those participating will be given a certificate of participation in this year’s drive. All the accompanied Shepherds and Shepherdesses may follow behind the sheep in the sheep run.

Come one, come all, and be part of this amazing event that only the Isle of Avalon can offer!

We are in the process of putting together several other interesting challenges for the day so watch this space.

Always: Buy Wool! Buy the Best! Buy British!